Regular Expressions Helper

NOTE: if you came here from an external site, you probably want the Regular Expressions Helper download/support page instead. Annoyingly, some Mac sites are direct-linking to this page, incorrectly

I tried some of the standard OS X apps for doing regexp, and they are all either too expensive, or massively over-featured. Or just far too difficult to understand.

I’ve integrated regexp behind the scenes in several iPhone apps, and I’m pretty confident using the libs. So, this seemed like a good excuse to make a first native OS X app.

Now available on the Mac App Store (

Current features:

  1. The text you want to change can either be a file (drag/drop to the app), or text (copy/paste into the box)
  2. While you type your regexp, the app constantly updates the output to show you what would happen (great for checking you’ve got the regexp syntax you intended)
  3. When you’re done, select the output box and copy/paste the results to wherever you need them

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