SVGKit (iOS) now supports more SVG’s – including most Wikipedia maps

Finally got the complicated viewBox / transform-matrix code working for SVGKit. Net result: the remaining maps from Wikipedia that used to fail catastrophically now render perfectly, e.g. their European map:

Why so hard?

For the curious…

This European map is specified at “180,000 units wide and 150,000 units high”, but … “Oh, by the way, we suggest you render it at 1800 pixels by 1500 pixels”.

This is a problem unique to scalable vector graphics (and part of what makes vector images so interesting). There is *no* “correct” size for a vector image – it can be rendered at *any* size, by definition.

Unlike a bitmap (i.e. the images used in 99% of situations today), a vector image never goes “blurry” or “pixellated”. If you want to view it at ultra-high res, you’re welcome.

And, because some code in the world still uses low-quality “floats” to store data (which are very inaccurate at high numbers), a lot of the world’s SVG files are specified using large integer numbers, and they assume you will “scale down” to your desired display size. Which is great. Except that (until today) SVGKit didn’t support that scaling, and tried to render everything literally, causing huge memory use and crashes.

NB: all this is currently in an experimental branch of SVGKit – we’re hoping to merge it into the master branch soon, but for now you’ll have to access this directly from or not at all – sorry!

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