Regular Expressions Helper

Fast and simple: copy/paste text into the top box, type in a regular expression, and replace (or remove) all matches. Then copy/paste the results from the bottom box.


  • Check-as-you-type regexp matching
  • Live preview of replacement, constantly updated
  • Immediate feedback on errors, number of matches, etc
  • Copy/paste your text straight into the app
  • …or Drag/drop a file into the app to use that for the input

Upcoming features…

Here’s some features we’re working on for the future versions:

  • Interactive help on regexp syntax
  • Save multiple regexps in a “set”, and then apply the whole set with just one click (each runs one after the other)
  • …other requests you send us?

Questions? Ideas? Requests?

If there’s something you’d like added, or you’re having problems with this App, type them in below and we’ll respond as soon as we can:
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