Getting a Console Log


When an iPhone/iPad app is working unexpectedly, or crashing, we may need you to send us a Console Log. This is Apple’s debug output and tells us exactly what happened under the hood just before the crash – or during the strange behaviour. It’s a quick process, but you have to download a special Apple app (for Windows or Mac) to get the info for you.

Step 1: Download and install iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU)

Download links

Step 2: Connect your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Run iPCU, and on the left hand side you’ll have an interface that looks just like iTunes. When you plug in your iPhone/iPad, wait a few seconds, and it will appear at the bottom of the list, under “DEVICES”. Click on the device name to select it:

Step 3: Select “Console” and copy the log

On the right hand side, you’ll now see 5 tabs with info about your device. Select the one titled “Console”:

In the bottom right hand corner is a button “Save Console As…”. Click that button to save a copy of the Console Log somewhere on your machine (it doesn’t matter where you save it – just put it somewhere you can find it again).

Email the log

Finally, send an email to whoever asked for the Console Log, and attach the file you just saved.